Ingo is Good Funds for Prepaid and Payroll program customers. Revolutionary? We think so.

Spending on a Prepaid card is easy, but loading funds can be a challenge. Introducing Ingo, the first mobile direct deposit solution for the Prepaid industry. With the Ingo Money smartphone app and an in-network Prepaid card, your customers can easily load any check type to their Prepaid card simply by taking a picture. Better yet, they have the option to access their money in minutes. Take your Prepaid program to a new level by delivering a leading-edge consumer solution that drives retention, incremental spend, and profitability.


Here's how it works:


The Ingo Good Funds Network is free and can be implemented in a matter of weeks.


Let your customers know that they can download the Ingo Money App, register their Prepaid card, and be ready to load funds and access money in minutes.


Ingo takes care of the heavy lifting. We assume all the risk, guarantee that the funds loaded are Good Funds, and provide great service for your customers while increasing incremental spend.


You have the option of integrating our technology with your mobile application for an even more seamless experience.


Here is the fine print. For Prepaid programs, the Ingo Good Funds Network costs you nothing to participate when you use the universal Ingo Money mobile application. The Ingo Money solution is issuing bank friendly, and we take all the funding risk. Give your customers a choice: they can pay a fee and get check approval in minutes, or they can wait 10 days for no fee. For money in minutes on approved checks the fee is 1% or 4% depending on check type (with a $5 minimum fee), and we take most check types from $5 to $2,500. That’s it. When we say easy, we mean it.

To enroll your program, contact us today.